Health & Safety in Health & Social Care

Health & Safety in Health & Social Care.




The QA Level 2 Award in Health and Safety in Health and Social Care (RQF) is ideal for those who work directly with patients or clients in a health and social care setting, such as hospitals, care homes and day care centres.

This regulated and nationally recognised qualification is specifically designed to develop candidates’ awareness of health and safety in a health and social care environment, to help ensure that they are keeping themselves, and the people they care for safe.

Over a 1 day period, candidates will cover a variety of topics including the standards for health and safety welfare in a health and social care environment, risk assessments, identifying and controlling hygiene hazards, personal hygiene and more!

What’s covered?
  • Employers and employees health and safety duties inc. penalties for non-compliance, training and competence requirements, welfare arrangements, communicating health and safety information, procedures for responding to incidents and first aid arrangements
  • Risk assessments inc. principles of risk control hierarchy and five-step process of risk assessment
  • How to identify and control hygiene hazards inc. common hazards in health and social care, contamination, cross-contamination, infection and cross-infection, micro-organisms, controls for common microbiological hazards
  • Personal hygiene inc. hand washing, protective clothing and equipment, risks of exposure to infectious diseases at work and at home
  • Clean working environment inc. suitable premises and equipment, cleaning, disinfection, sterilisation and decontamination, storage of cleaning chemicals and cloths, cleaning schedules and procedures for dealing with waste, sharps and spillages

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