Privacy policy.

In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Best will only process and store your personal data for the purposes of the delivery, assessment and to claim certificates. Best will not sell, pass on or make available your personal data, to any other person or body other than the relevant Awarding Body.

  1. Best will at the point of delivery, collect your name, date of birth, special considerations and email address for the purposes of administration and claiming certificate(s) for the qualification you have chosen to undertake.
  2. Best will on occasion ask delegate permission to take photographs for the purpose of marketing. If you have any objections to this, please advise at point photograph is to be taken.
  3. At the end of each course, delegates are required to complete evaluation sheets, for instructor and course monitoring. If you do not wish your evaluation to be used for marketing, please advise, in writing at the bottom of the evaluation sheet.
  4. Best will send email reminders when your certificate is due for renewal and may also send occasional updates and news items on relevant changes etc…
  5. Personal data and special category data will not be used by Best for any purpose other than the delivery, assessment, administration and quality assurance.
  6. Where a certificate is issued by an awarding body, Best will be required to securely transfer your personal data to the awarding body for them to issue your certificate. The data will only be used for this purpose and for anonymised statistics requested by the Regulatory Bodies.
  7. If you are under the age of 16, please discuss this Privacy Notice with your parent, guardian or carer.
  8. An individual can request that their data is deleted at any stage. However, it is advisable that you allow Best will retain your personal data indefinitely to provide confirmation of your achievement at any point in the future, should it be required, for example, if you lose your certificate.