First Aid for Parents and Family

First Aid for Parents and Family.




One of our basic first aid courses, parent and family first aid gives you the training to help anyone within your family circle, who may need support following an injury of sudden illness.

During this training, we will cover basic paediatric first aid to help should a child suffer a seizure, choking, minor injuries and any other area which you feel is specifically relevant to your family.

This training will include CPR and gives you a general understanding of how to deal with a first aid emergency within social and family life.

This is ideal for anyone who has a sense of responsibility and would like to respond and act in a confident manner should a first aid incident occur.

Knowing just the basics of first aid for children, as well as adults, will give you the confidence to help and care for the special people around you.

This is awareness training and not an accredited qualification.

What’s covered?
  • Basic paediatric first aid
  • CPR
  • Advice on how to deal with a first aid emergency

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